Apple Premium Service Provider

Apple Premium Service Providers are Apple Authorized Service Providers who are recognized annually by Apple for consistently offering the highest levels of satisfaction and service excellence to their customers.

Our Center in Nyon is proud of being one of the only Mac & iPhone Premium Service Provider in canton de Vaud.

Apple Authorized Service Provider

We opened our second Apple Authorized Service Provider Center at route de la Clochatte 5 in Lausanne on April 3rd 2018. With an ultramodern workshop, this new Center will provide the same level of service expertise you have been used to receive.

Our goal is to become a Premium Service Provider from year one.

Apple Certifications

Our team is composed of qualified Apple Certified Mac Technicians, Apple Certified iOS Technicians, Apple Certified Associate Mac Integration Specialist, Apple Certified Mac Management Certified Support Professional and Apple Certified Technical Coordinator.

We aim to be the essential provider for your Apple deployments and projects, wether you are a small company, a freelance or a private customer.